Investment Gemstones, by Aurora Art Gallery

Cut diamonds and colored gemstones have been a popular and recognized form of investment for centuries.

One of the reasons for this is that gemstones have remained intact from all previous financial and economic crises. High quality colored gemstones have even increased in value in recent years.

Another big advantage is their mobility. A ruby ​​or emerald concentrates a lot of value in a small space and, with a weight of 4 carats, can have the same market value as a kilogram of gold. For this reason, gemstones have often been given the title "ideal escape currency".

Quite apart from their value as an investment, gemstones have a unique beauty that is worth discovering. Each stone has a cut, which gives it a special appearance depending on the light.

The authenticity and the estimated value of the stones are guaranteed by certificates from independent and internationally verified institutes.

Here is a selection of selected investment colored gemstones:

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