Guido Katol


Guido Katol (born 1962) takes up a fundamentally human need with his pictures: storytelling. With idiosyncratic, lively brushstrokes and rich colors, Katol knits stories that stretch beyond the canvas in order to be further spun with the help of the viewer's imagination.

The action involuntarily changes in the course of the creation process. It always starts with an inspiration, an impulse in the form of a picture. It doesn't matter whether it's an advertising or a photo from a magazine. Katol transfers the seemingly everyday to the canvas in a changed constellation , involves it in a story and gives it a new name.

To this end, with instinctive certainty and knowledge of an infinite range of colors, for the first time he uses rough, virtuoso brushstrokes on the canvas, from which organic forms gradually come together, mostly animals and people. Like Katol's picture themes, the creation of his pictures in themselves is shaped by the natural, life-like principles of repeated destruction and incessant growth.

Katol is not afraid to reject what has already gone in order to create something new. Initially rejected attempts at other images serve as a fabulous basis for new works, and so the final results carry a certain form of narration, which can be discovered with the help of colored traces under the dense, pasty brushstrokes.