Markus Kravanja


Markus Kravanja, born in Graz in 1976, turned to painting in the early years and thus also to the first works with figures in his characteristic style. 

Since 2004 he has been represented in numerous art fairs and other exhibitions. Today the artist lives and works in Vienna.

Markus Kravanja unmistakably shows people in quiet moments, in which looks and gestures are the only form of communication. By doing so, he succeeds in reflecting the feelings of these people in their big eyes and thus revealing a view of their inner being.

They are people of an urban society, predominantly young women, whose appearance in today's western world is widely regarded as worth copying. The male protagonists in Kravanja's oeuvre also follow the dictates of fashion, many wearing elegant suits. Kravanja tries to discover and uncover the eternal and timeless in the present.

The fact that individual facial features are largely not formed also raises the image statement to a more general level. Markus Kravanja's pictures raise questions. He rarely offers solutions and leaves sensations and interpretations to the viewer.